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Surveillance Solutions is an Authorized ADT Dealer. ADT is the largest alarm company in the world. Surveillance Solutions provides super fast installation of high tech security systems.

Cities Served: San Antonio TX, Leon Valley TX, Kirby TX, Converse TX, New Braunfels TX, Hollywood Park TX, Alamo Heights TX, Schertz TX, Castroville TX, Helotes TX, Fair Oaks Ranch TX, Boerne TX, Lytle TX, Pleasanton TX, Hondo TX, Devine TX, Floresville TX, Kerrville TX, Pearsall TX, Seguin TX

Licenses / Credentials :

• Texas Security License # B 12281

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  • Authorized ADT Dealer
  • Security Alarms for Home and Business
  • Security Cameras for Home and Business
  • Monitor Home from SmartPhone (iPhone, Blackberry)

San Antonio Security Company: Making Life Safer

Given the ever increasing crime rates nationwide, it is no surprise if you read in your local newspaper about a break-in in your locality. It is just wishful thinking to keep believing that burglary and other crimes always happen to someone else and it will never affect you. Everyone runs the risk of an invasion. Fortunately, there are several steps that you can take to prevent such incidents and protect your valuable possessions. With a professional San Antonio Security Company, you will have the peace of mind that your property is in capable and trustworthy hands. A knowledgeable San Antonio Security Company will have several solutions to all your security needs, be it for personal or for your business.

Many people mistakenly believe that their insurance policy is enough to protect their possessions. Insurance will certainly provide some protection for items that are stolen but you may find that the pay out falls short of your actual loss. How do you replace the loss of a sense of security? An insurance policy can’t take care of everything. Let an experienced San Antonio Security Company install an alarm system that makes it impossible for burglars to break into. As the old saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. This is really the stance you need to take when it comes to safeguarding yourself against the rising instances in crime. When you choose a San Antonio Security Company, you get the best in protection.

San Antonio Security Company: Protection You can Trust

To outsmart a criminal, you need to get into a criminal’s mind. Obviously this is not something the average law abiding citizen can do. A professional San Antonio Security Company puts itself in the criminal’s shoes to painstakingly analyze your property as a potential target for burglary or break-in. Important information on the strengths and weaknesses of the security measures that are already in place will also be provided by a San Antonio Security Company, which will help you decide on the best course of action.

In the event of a break-in, a diligent San Antonio Security Company ensures an immediate alert and response. A San Antonio Security Company can wire your property with security devices that are easily installed and will emit an alarm in case of a break-in. It will even dial pre-programmed telephone numbers. The intruder may be frightened away by the sound emitted by the device and it will also give you enough time to vacate the area.

San Antonio Security Company: Detecting Security Flaws in Your Property

The trained professionals at a San Antonio Security Company will objectively evaluate the outside and inside of your property. Do you live in a small town where everyone knows everyone else? Is the unemployment rate in the locality so high that residents themselves may be involved in criminal behavior? Are you located in a commercial district that may be very active during the daylight hours but is all but deserted at night and over the weekends? Or is it a wealthy neighborhood with husbands gone all day and wives and children alone at home? A San Antonio Security Company can identify all the characteristics about your neighborhood that may appeal to a potential burglar.

The professionals at a San Antonio Security Company will approach your property from different angles, which may bring to light certain facts. A skilled San Antonio Security Company will take a note of easy entry and exit points to your home that might lure a potential criminal. Most of these are easily fixed. Ensure that window coverings provide adequate privacy and security, keep all valuables locked inside and the front and back doors also secured at all times. You may even plant prickly foliage in unsecured entry points and leave a couple of lights on when you're not there. For guaranteed security and complete peace of mind, invest in a monitored security system with the help of a San Antonio Security Company.

A professional San Antonio Security Company will go over the inside of your property looking for vulnerable areas. They will also check where your valuables are stored and the strength and security of your windows. They will look into how much personal and financial information you are unwittingly dumping in your trash can. The San Antonio Security Company will be able to advise you on the best security options for you once they know the security strengths and weaknesses inside and around the property.

San Antonio Security Company: Reducing Your Risk

You can substantially reduce the risk of a home invasion with the help of a San Antonio Security Company. An experienced San Antonio Security Company can provide a wide variety of options from security monitoring products, safes, cameras, alarm systems and motion sensors. Having a home safe to store valuables can be a good investment. Even if an intruder did break in, it’s unlikely that he could get into the safe or manage to carry it away. These security options are not just for homes, but they come in handy for small businesses as well.

It is very important to assess your home and place of business for security flaws especially with the rising burglary and crime rates. Make the call today and have a qualified San Antonio Security Company help you protect your family, home and possessions.

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